Our goal is always to act in your best interest to better serve you. We work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality and medically actionable testing services are available for our customers around the country. We take pride in providing you with information to become more proactive about your health. We are committed to protecting your personal health information. Unlike some of our competitors who may sell or disclose your information to third-parties, our business model is simple: to provide you with the necessary information to take control of your health without disclosing information to unauthorized parties. We are serviced by an award-winning, fully HIPPA compliant, CAP and COLA accredited medical laboratory based in Atlanta, GA, a research epicenter that’s home to notable medical colleges and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Clinical-Grade Testing Delivered to Your Doorstep

Today more than ever, patients have access to a wealth of health information. But often, what’s missing is a reliable, accurate way to understand their health on a deeper level and use that information to make more informed decisions about their treatment plans.

Better To Know’s home genetic testing kits are easy to use and provide medically actionable insights that can help patients plan for a better, healthier future.

Better To Know Test Kit

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you to get proactive about your health. Our tests are accurate, valid and compliant with the most stringent testing standards. With your test results, you have the information necessary to make important choices about your treatment plan, family planning, and many other aspects of your health. With Better To Know, you are in control.


Medical Grade Testing

Better To Know’s tests are performed in a COLA-accredited, CLIA-certified lab. We never outsource our testing.


Clinically Valid

Better To Know’s tests are designed to offer medically actionable insights about each patient’s genetic makeup.


Privacy Guaranteed

Better To Know Laboratories never sells or discloses your data to third parties.


Professionally Certified

Better To Know’s genetics staff personnel is ASCP board-certified in molecular biology and exceeds industry standards.

Why Choose Better To Know?

Better To Know is serviced by an award-winning CAP and COLA accredited medical laboratory based in Atlanta, GA. With a seasoned staff of ASCP board-certified, graduate school-educated personnel, we have the expertise and the experience to deliver reliable and accurate results. We’re passionate about genetics and we’re committed to you. The team at Better To Know is here to inform you, help you and empower you.

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