Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetic Testing Is Precision Medicine

It wasn’t that long ago, doctors only dreamed of the day we could customize medical care based upon the person’s chemistry and overall makeup. At Better To Know, we’re working hard to make that dream a reality with genetic testing.

 Precision medicine is an approach to practicing medicine that uses an individual’s genetic profile and other diagnostic indicators to customize medical care. This type of approach leads to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment that is completely individualized- medicine specifically for you.

 This is more than just a trend. It’s the future of medicine. Better To Know makes that future today’s reality.

Stop Wondering!

What Is Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) is the study of how genetic variations (or genotype) influences your response to medication. Pharmacogenetic testing is a genetic test that uses your genetic information to help predict your responses to medications. This information helps your physician better understand ways you will respond to specific medicine as well as dosage.

 Without pharmacogenomic testing your doctor must “guess” at which drug and dose will be best for you, putting you at a higher risk for side effects or adverse drug reactions.

 DNA Testing That Reduces The Guesswork Of Prescribing Medication

 Far too many patients have experienced various difficulties with medications they’ve been described. These difficulties include:

 Negative side effects

Lack of therapeutic benefit of the meds

The wrong dosage of the proper medication

Delayed benefit (the medication takes too long to reach therapeutic levels)

Pharmacogenetic tests help take the guesswork out of which medications are the most effective for you. Every physician would love to move away from the “trial and error” approach of prescribing medication. The only problem is that a person’s genetic response to medication isn’t always available. With Better To Know, it can be.

 Along with your personal health information, the results from PGx testing can help your physician assess the most effective drug for you while minimizing your risk of negative medication side effects. This information is indispensable for reducing costs, morbidity, and time to reach an optimal therapeutic level. It’s the very definition of improved health outcomes.

Is Pharmacogenetic Testing Right For Me?

Better To Know offers several pharmacogenetic panels that provide precision guidance for medications used in managing the following conditions:

Cardiovascular health
Mental health
Chronic Pain
Gastrointestinal conditions
Infectious diseases
Immune disorders
Urological conditions

PGx testing is a way to take a proactive approach toward medication selection. Instead of using trial and error, individuals are grouped according to their drug metabolizer phenotypes (normal, abnormal, non-responders), which can help improve medication response rates. Without PGx testing, you may be at a higher risk of experiencing adverse drug effects and a lack of therapeutic benefits.

People in the U.S. spend billions of dollars every year on prescription medications. No one knows how much of that money and time is spent on medications that prove ineffective. While we can’t solve that problem for everyone, we can begin to solve that problem for you.

Based on your genetic makeup, we can test and discover what medications will work best for you. Isn’t it time you discover the truth about you?

Your Pharmacogenetic Test Results

 Imagine handing your physician the very information he or she needs to treat you properly. Now you can. Your PGx report provides information about your genotyping with personalized interpretive drug dosing and guidance information. This is the information your health care provider needs in order to prescribe the medicine you need with a better idea of the proper dosage.

Medicine has become more progressive than ever. Our parent’s simply followed the doctor’s orders. Our generation needs a more proactive approach. Better To Know is here to help you become a more active participant in your own healthcare.

Pharmacogenetics & The Future

 Better To Know is committed to bringing the future of medicine to your mailbox. Since your genetic material remains constant throughout your lifetime, we’ve been asked how PGx testing will be useful with new medications coming out every day.

 The FDA is now providing pharmacogenetic advice in drug development, which may impact the number of new medications that have pharmacogenetic guidance in the future. This means the medicine is already moving toward taking the patient’s genetics into account for future interventions.

 Order your PGx test kit today. Let us help you unlock the mystery of you.

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